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After suffering from both a bad back and stiff knees for several months I went for a Physiotherapy assessment with Louisa who then devised a one to one strength training programme for me. This has worked wonders on my aches and pains, helped improve my strength, mobility and muscle tone and, more importantly has been great fun too.

Louisa and I have worked together on a number of corporate engagements and i've been blown away time and time again by not only her depth of knowledge, but her ability to communicate complex things in an engaging and practical way. She knows the science inside out and each time has got fantastic feedback.

After a few sessions of deep tissue massage with Louisa I experienced a very significant change in movement and strength within my neck/shoulder area. I've since taken a few PT sessions which have been very beneficial. Having the full attention of a knowledgeable and dedicated professional like Louisa is definitely worthwhile

Olivia Gilday - Private Client

Chris Pinner - Innerfit 

Nikki Standing - Private Client