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Corporate Services

Taking action to promote good Physical and Mental Health generates better productivity and reduces absenteeism. Therefore spending on employee wellbeing can provide a great return on investment. The commitment to your employee wellbeing speaks volumes about your company culture and values.

Staff that feel valued stick around for longer. 

On the Desk


Provide your employees with the knowledge to promote their own health and wellbeing with 1 hour workshops. 


Wellbeing Consultancy

Employee Wellbeing is more than a tick box exercise, outsourcing the task to a dedicated professional can be the best option for many. 

Crossfit Class

Corporate Classes

Provide your employees with classes to improve their mobility, strength and subsequently reduce aches and pains. 

"The team have been really enjoying and appreciating their weekly Pilates classes. Louisa is clearly extremely knowledgeable" - Camwood Ltd