Corporate Workshops

Back Pain

What I Offer.

These 1 hour workshops give your employees the tools and knowledge to improve their musculoskeletal health. Bespoke workshops can be created to meet your requirements, including but not limited to, sleep, nutrition and mental health. 

WFH Set Up

Following an increase in home based working musculoskeletal complaints have doubled, with more people suffering with aches and pains. This practical physio-led workshop talks you through how to set up your home office with optimal ergonomics, to help reduce likelihood of musculoskeletal injury or pain. As well as other tricks and tips to keep healthy and productive whilst completing hours of desk based work. 

Injury Prevention

Nothing is more valuable than a proactive approach to our health. This interactive and practical workshop aims to consider the factors that increase your risk of injury and poor musculoskeletal health. Of course includes some time for Q&A to get the answers you really want.

Back Health

80% suffer with back pain over the course of our lifetime and it is the leading musculoskeletal complaint leading to time off work. This practical workshop aims to educate about the nature of back pain, the factors influencing it (as well as some myth debunking) and how we can manage it, prevent it and improve our back health for now and for the future.